Our history

Pegaso in an Italian manufacturing company with more than 30 years of experience.We started in metal working process as a third party service for multinational companies.
We then opened our engineering department where our first products, agriculture trailers for harvesting headers, quickly conquered top position in several markets.
In 2000 we established the Logistic Division with which we created a new line of products: pallet trucks and stackers.
Today our product range spans over all type of material handling solutions for indoor application.

The real value of our products

Our Client’s money are worth the best quality and reliability. The more we let our Client save his own money over the lifetime of our machines, the better will be his performances in terms of cost controlling.
Total Cost of Ownership is a fundamental figure when you have to evaluate the purchase of a walkie (pallet trucks) or a stacker. During any product’s lifetime a set of additional costs may arise by paying high maintenance costs and repairs. Pegasolift machines are designed to last for a very long time and to require ther very minimum assistance as possible. This gives our trucks, stackers and tugger trains one of the lowest ROI on the market.


Pegaso S.r.l. is ISO9001:2015 certified

Pegasolift - CERTIFICATE ISO9001Our products are manufactured accomplishing with the following regulations:
2006/42/EC – 2006/95/EC – 2004/108/EC
EN 292 – EN 414 – EN 60204
UNI ISO 12100:2010

We are proud to work at Pegasolift because:

We produce high reliability Pallet trucks, Stackers and order pickers. We are proud of quality of our products.

Customer service
We are confident that we can satisfy the customer needs. We have direct contact with our customers: people working for other people

Tailored solutions
Our electric walkies and stackers can arrive where the others cannot. Thanks to a dynamic and flexible structure and highly qualified personnel, Pegasolift, with its wide range of Electric Pallet Trucks and Electric Stackers, is capable to meet the requirements of the most demanding Clients.