COMPACT 18 pallet truck

This pallet truck has the ideal size to be used on trucks as well in all those environments with small aisles

Pegasolift electric pallet trucks COMPACT18 e COMAPCT20
electric pallet trucks and electric pallet stacker with Schuko plug

Charging with Schuko plug

Electric pallet trucks and electric pallet stacker with battery indicator

Internal charger with indicator

Pegasolift electric pallet trucks pallet stacker: pallet truck models with small sizes

Small dimensions

1800 kg

Maximum load capacity

1.600 mm

Total length

4-5 hours

Operating time

Pegasolift compact pallet trucks modello compact18 and compact20 pallet truck

Compact18 pallet truck

Compact pallet truck

Electric Pallet Truck COMPACT18 is the compact Pegasolift pallet truck that comes with a body of just 45 cm long and 710mm body width. With its 150 Ah traction battery it assures an autonomy of about 4/5 hours.
The integrated charger, with charging indicator, allows Compact18 to be charged by uring a Schuko outlet.

Compact18 pallet truck

Ideal for modern logistic

With its nice and appealing design this machine represents the entry point for the professional in material handling world.

Pegasolift compact pallet truck modello compact18 e compact20


24V -150Ah/5h


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