T14 pallet truck

T14 is a very agile pallet truck with an extremely compact size. This machine has an innovative system to lift the forks without lifting machine’s body.

Pegasolift agile pallet truck T14 model
electric pallet trucks and electric pallet stacker with Schuko plug

Charging cable for Schuko outlet

Electric pallet trucks and electric pallet stacker with battery indicator

Internal battery charger with indicator

Best to work on trucks

1400 kg

Max load capacity

1550 mm

Total length

2-3 hours


Transpallet T14

Easy to use

T14 is an electric pallet truck with a compact body, very small dimensions and great performances.

It is the ideal companion to work  on trucks as well as to be applied for material handling in the warehouse.
T14 model is easy to use and requires very low maintenance thanks to the easy access to components compartment.
Equipped with speed selector (slow / fast), hour counter,  battery indicator and control to prevent use of the machine with low battery.
The integrated charger allows the charging cycle to be carried out using a normal 220V AC schuko outlet.

  • Battery indicator with control to avoid lifting with low battery
  • Speed selector: slow/fast
Pegasolift agile pallet truck T14 model

Available batteries

2 x 12V -110Ah/20h

2 x 12V -100Ah/20h GEL