TPL20 inox

TPL20 inox is a stainless steel electric pallet truck suitable  for professional use. It is made with INOX AISI 304 and provided with IP56 protection grade.

Pegasolift stainless steel pallet truck TPL20

AISI 304 stainless steel

Suitable for food and pharma material handling

Easy cleaning thanks to IP56 protection grade

2000 kg

Loda capacity

8 ore

Work capacity


AC Traction motor

TPL20 inox

Professional stainless steel pallet truck

TPL20 electric stainless steel pallet truck has been designed to be compact, handy and easy to use by every user.
It is made with  INOX AISI 304  and it is suitable for handling food, pharmaceutical and chemical goods.
It is provided with IP56 protection grade for easy water jet cleaning.
Pegasolift INOX machines are suitable for all professional environments where stainless steel machines are mandatory by law.

Full safe usage even on wet floors

Pegasolift stainless steel pallet truck TPL20



Versione TRAZIONE DIN da 240Ah/5h, 270/5h, 315Ah/5h

Rubber traction wheel ring

Heavy duty pack

Cold store version