TPL16 pallet truck

TPL16 is a solid and compact pallet truck suitable to support heavy duty activities. Its small dimensions make the TPL electric pallet trucks serie the best solution where full day usage and agility are requested.

Pegasolift TPL electric pallet trucks: TPL16, TPL20 and TPL30 pallet truck models
professional use

Heavy duty

pallet truck 24 h

Capable to work over multiple shifts

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Quick battery change kit

1600 kg

Max load capacity

710 mm

Body width

8 hours


Pegasolift electric pallet trucks: TPL20 and TPL16 compact pallet truck model

TPL16 pallet truck

Ideal walky

TPL16 belongs to the heavy duty Pegasolift TPL family. These machines are engineered to cover even a triple shift work load. Machines’ frame with heavy structural thickness,guarantee incredible impact resistance and load stress.

TPL16 pallet truck

Less workload stress

Front wheels, with a  special configuration, allow easy insertion of the pallet to reduce fatigue and time required for loading operations.
TPL electric pallet trucks has various types of equipable batteries (up to 315 Ah Ld/Ac or Li-Ion batteries) also with quick-change side door and rollers.
These pallet trucks’ traction and lifting engines are over dimensioned and reliable and allow a long lasting working career.

Rollers of electric pallet trucks model TPL20 and TPL16 compact pallet truck



Lead/Acid: 240Ah/5h, 270/5h, 315Ah/5h

GEL: 225Ah/5h, 261/5h, 285Ah/5h

Li-Ion: 100Ah/1h, 200/1h

Rubber traction wheel ring

Heavy duty pack

Cold store version