Tugger train

Tugger train

It is the ideal solution for handling of just in time logistic.



Customizable on dimensions and colours

4000 kg

Max lifting capacity

da 2 a 5

Number of usable unity

15 km/h

Maximum speed

Tugger train

Perfect for  just in time logistic

It is the ideal solution for “just in time” internal logistic in lean production processes.
It is built in full respect of usability  and reliability feautures in order to get the best durability over the time.

Tugger train

Versatile and universal

In case if the tractor isn’t provided by hydraulic unit, Pegaso srl will give you the hydraulic kit idraulico for conversion.
Pegasolift Tugger trains can operate with 2 to 5 trailers and 4.000kg lifting capacity.

Tugger train

Universal customization

It is available in several models to give the client maximum possible flexibility in material handling. Thus, it can be applied in all those enviroments where load units can be of different typology and with different sizes.
Pegasolift Tugger Train is the optimal solution for today’s intralogistic.

Options and accessories

  • TGT 12/8 (dimensione del carico trasportato: 1200×800)
  • TGT 12/10 (dimensione del carico trasportato: 800×600)
  • TGT 6/8 (dimensione del carico trasportato: 1200×1000)